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Was unseren Chefredakteur aktuell beschäftigt - viele Einträge erscheinen nur auf Englisch.

Rasant wachsende Armut

Die Weltbank geht davon aus, dass die Zahl extrem armer Menschen 2020 weltweit wegen Covid-19, Gewaltkonflikten und Klimakrise zunimmt. Diese Warnung prägt ihren kürzlich erschienenen diesjährigen Bericht über „Poverty and Shared Prosperity“.
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Attempting to entrench minority rule in the USA

Some observers say one should not overestimate the relevance of next week's elections in the USA. According to them, it is an exaggerated to see democracy at risk, as there have always been ideological polarisations of some sort or another. I think that they overlook an important aspect. Donald Trump's Republican Party is increasingly pursuing minority rule.
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Taking stock of pandemic impacts

Covid-19 is proving to be an even more complex and longer lasting challenge than initially expected. In order to rise to it, the international community must cooperate effectively. Least developed countries’ access to vaccines and other medical essentials must be ensured. Moreover, their fiscal space must be expanded. Multilateral cooperation is indispensable.
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US president praises an extrajudicial killing

Donald Trump claims to be the president of law and order. His many scandals show that he is not. One particular scandal, however, is not getting the attention it deserves. Last week, Trump praised an extrajudicial killing when he addressed a rally in Greenville, North Carolina.
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Painting the big picture

Samir Puri addresses important questions in his recently published book “The great imperial hangover”. His core thesis is that today’s world was shaped by the empires of the past, and as a result, how people perceive today’s world, depends on the historic experience of their respective nations.
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Ermutigender Enthusiasmus

Gerd Müller, der Bundesminister für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, erhebt in seinem neuen Buch weitreichende Forderungen. Seine Position verdient Aufmerksamkeit – nicht zuletzt im Bundeskabinett.
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Why we need global cooperation

I’ll take part in a digitised panel discussion hosted by the Central European University Shattuck Center on Friday 3 July. The topic is “Covid-19 and transactional foreign policy”. I’ve written down the following thoughts to prepare for the event. It starts at 4 pm and will be webcast, so you can watch wherever you may be. The CEU is based in Budapest.
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