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Why Putin’s imperialist war must be condemned

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has a massive impact on global affairs. It is driving inflation for example. Nonetheless, many Africans and Asians shy away from taking sides against Russia, arguing that western powers are guilty of “military mischief” too. There is no equivalence however.

Global challenges require global responses

A recent judgement by the US Supreme Court has undermined its nation’s claim to global leadership. The Court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may not use some policy tools to reduce greenhouse- gas emissions, arguing that such regulation would be so transformative it would need an explicit mandate from Congress.

Room for improvment

Mexico claims to pursue a “feminist” foreign policy. The full truth is that women’s rights cannot be taken for granted in the country itself.

No, Narendra Modi is no liberal reformer

Western business papers have a stubborn, but misleading tendency of portraying India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a liberal reformer who unfortunately happens to have some authoritarian tendencies. It is actually the other way round. He is an authoritarian leader who has never shown much interest in market dynamics, but does have a tendency of pandering to powerful corporate interests.