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What is on our editor-in-chief’s mind.

Eroding checks and balances

The Republican party is enabling President Donald Trump’s increasingly autocratic attitudes. Things have been getting worse after the impeachment trial, and that must not be forgotten in the Covid-19 crisis.

Two-pronged global crisis

In response to Covid-19, policymakers must rise to a double challenge. They must do their best to protect the health of human beings and to safeguard the health of economies. International cooperation is indispensable. Nationalism is not helpful.

Coronavirus hurts Mauritius though no-one is infected so far

Mauritius is a very small country far away from China – and yet greatly affected by the coronavirus. So far, there have not been any cases of infection reported, but the economy will take a severe hit. Katja Dombrowski, a member of our team, is currently staying there with her family and reports.

Debt relief could fund climate action

Once again, many developing countries and emerging markets are struggling with worsening debt problems. Global warming is increasingly contributing to these problems, according to, the German non-governmental advocacy group. In a recent publication, it proposes debt relief for countries hit by environmental crisis.