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Why we need global cooperation

I’ll take part in a digitised panel discussion hosted by the Central European University Shattuck Center on Friday 3 July. The topic is “Covid-19 and transactional foreign policy”. I’ve written down the following thoughts to prepare for the event. It starts at 4 pm and will be webcast, so you can watch wherever you may be. The CEU is based in Budapest.

No meaningful global leadership

Media pundits around the world have lately been pondering whether China is managing to replace the USA as the dominant world power during the Covid-19 pandemic. I don't think it is. The real question is whether any power is willing and able to assume any global leadership role.

Count in human beings

The new book by two of the economists who won last year’s Nobel Prize is quite radical. Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo call for a paradigm change. They want their profession to consider empirical reality rather than indulging in fictional models. In particular, they resent TV economists who sell distorted platitudes as deep insights.

Gender implications of Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis is disproportionately affecting women and girls. An OECD study argues that it may therefore hamper the achievement of gender-related SDGs. Governments should modify policies accordingly.

Covid-19 as seen by World Bank board member

Humanity needs a united response to the novel coronavirus. In a brief essay, Jürgen Zattler has spelled out his personal views concerning the matter. He represents Germany on the Bank’s executive board. The complete essay was published by the Center for Global Development, a Washington-based think tank, to coincide with this year’s virtual spring meetings of World Bank and IMF (14 April to 17 April). The meetings are taking place in a digital format. Here are some of Zattler’s important insights.

Eroding checks and balances

The Republican party is enabling President Donald Trump’s increasingly autocratic attitudes. Things have been getting worse after the impeachment trial, and that must not be forgotten in the Covid-19 crisis.

Two-pronged global crisis

In response to Covid-19, policymakers must rise to a double challenge. They must do their best to protect the health of human beings and to safeguard the health of economies. International cooperation is indispensable. Nationalism is not helpful.