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Why taxes beat philanthropy

Since the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates has gone sour, they are breaking up. First, they said they will keep running their eponymous foundation together, but now they are not so sure anymore.

Anti-racists’ two-front struggle

Two kinds of news stories have recently been proving that Black people are still exposed to serious racism in the USA in 2021. First, Republicans in many states are changing voting laws in ways designed to reduce the participation of minorities in elections. Second, police violence against people of colour keeps occurring. In this context, the history of racist ideas is most relevant – and a Black scholar published a book on the matter in 2016. This article summarise some of his conclusions.

Why I find the debate on an IP waiver awkward

The debate on whether intellectual-property (IP) rights regarding Covid-19 vaccines should be waived has been gaining steam in the past few days. The situation is awkward in several ways. It shows that not only rich nations have failed in recent years.