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More things Eva von Redecker misunderstands

As pointed out in my previous post, Eva von Redecker wants humankind to overcome capitalism in order to become able to solve our urgent problems. Among the things she misunderstands is that advanced capitalist societies do have an idea of the common good. They could – and should – do more to promote it.

Von Redecker’s “revolution promoting life” is a distraction

Eva von Redecker is a public intellectual who argues that humankind must overcome capitalism to solve our urgent problems. While it is true that we are at risk of collective suicide by destroying our planet’s environment, it is a fallacy to blame each and every problem on profit-driven economies. Demographic trends show that global capitalism is no a death cult.

German government officer assesses the limits of ODA

Government officers normally do not write long essays assessing what the respective ministry can and cannot achieve. Their job, after all, is to draft and implement policy, not to cast doubt on government action. Nonetheless, Wolfram Stierle of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has written an excellent book exploring the limits of what his institution can achieve.

Why I fear Ethiopia’s new conflict may prove long and brutal

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has declared victory, but the Tigrayan leadership says the fight is not over. Tens of thousands of people have fled to Sudan. The scenario does not look good. On the upside, the UN has announced an agreement with the government allowing it unrestricted access for delivering humanitarian aid.