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Monitor 4 Independent German think tank assesses China’s impact on Africa | The rights of persons with disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals | UN secretary-general publishes report on Post-2015 agenda | The fastest growth of the insurance industry is taking place in emerging markets and developing countries | Nowadays: civil-society activism to heal fistulas in Nigeria | Imprint Focus: The media and development Mona Naggar: Palestinian youth appreciate internet blogs 12 Petra Tabeling: The Dart Center helps journalists all over the world to cope with trauma 15 Linda Vierecke: Bolivia’s indigenous people rely on radio journalism 18 Juan Ordoñez Caetano: CEPRA, a centre for radio broadcasting in Cochabamba, teaches Andean villagers journalism skills 20 Werner Eggert: Virtual continuity: e-learning programmes would make the face-to-face training courses of donor agencies more effective 22 Alexander Matschke: Support for independent media serves development 26 Hans Dembowski: D+C/E+Z has reinvented itself to suit the era of the internet 30 Tribune Damilola Oyedele: Why Nigeria’s strong security forces are performing poorly in response to terrorist violence 32 Duong Thi Ngoc Linh and Jörg Teumer: The Vietnamese microcredit provider TYM aspires to grow into a full-fledged bank 34 Dirk Messner: The climate crisis can be seen as a business opportunity 37 Debate 40 Comments on the UN climate summit and the FAO food-security summit | Interview with Engidaw Abel Hailu on the opportunities that photovoltaic offers rural Ethiopia Frustrated troops Islamist terrorists have been haunting Nigeria for more than 10 years. Tensions between politicians from the north and the south of the country are compounding problems, reports journalist Damilola Oyedele from Abuja. Page 32 Refreshing optimism A recent report by an international commission considers the global climate crisis a business opportunity. It argues in economically stringent terms and spells out a global growth prospect. However, the document fails to tackle some important issues, states Dirk Messner of the German Development Institute. Page 37 Power to the people More than 13,200 off-grid photovoltaic systems are installed in Ethiopia. They are raising rural people’s standard of life, for instance by facilitating new income opportunities. Engidaw Abel Hailu of Arba Minch University assesses the potential in an interview. Page 41 Tribune Debate D+C 1 2015 In German in E+Z Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit. Both language versions at D+C Vol.42.2015:1 3 TonyNwosu/picture–alliance/dpaPhaesunGmbh D+C 12015 In German in E+Z