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D+C Vol.42.2015:2 17 This magazine is adapting to the internet age. The February issue is the first one that we have posted on our website as an e-paper before going to press. Check it out, if you want to see what our monthly editions will look like in future. The monthly print magazine will be discontinued after the May issue. While we imagine that many of you will miss it, we can assure you that the innovation makes sense: We will be producing more content and provide you with 12 digital magazines instead of so far only 11 print editions per year. Every new issue will be available at the start of the month. More- over, we have begun to post at least one daily contribution on our website according to a regular schedule (Nowadays on Mondays, In brief on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur- days, Opinion on Wednesdays and Background on Fridays and Sundays). In the second half of the year we will be introducing a new print magazine to document focus-section debates every two months. Basically, we are investing the money we are saving by printing fewer issues in more content on the website. Should you wish to be informed of every new issue, please register to get our newsletter. That registration will also allow you to check the digital back-issues that we have begun to store in our web archive. Moreover, registered users of are empowered to post comments on our articles on the website. is the future of D+C A more detailed elaboration of our new “online first” strategy is available on our website: reinvented-itself-and-new-cross-media- approach-suits-internet-age D+C Vol.42.2015:217