Sub-Saharan Africa
Large-scale projects

Chinese funded steel mill displaces locals in Zimbabwe

The promises and expectations of the government have been met with doubt by locals who are already facing adverse effects due to the ongoing project.

Language politics

From colonial division to bloody conflict

Up to now, life in Cameroon is determined by whether one is Francophone or Anglophone. The so-called “Anglophone crisis” surrounding the independence aspirations of the part of the country that was once a British colony is claiming more and more victims.

Russia and China

BRICS-members are not coordinating their West-Africa strategies

Ghanaian scholar assesses Russia’s role in ECOWAS and speaks of new scramble for Africa

Nature preservation

Unknown individuals cut down an ancient tree

Many Ghanaians expressed their anguish and sadness on social and traditional media when an ancient tree fell, stressing its relevance to their lives and the need to conserve a rich cultural legacy.


The Biafra legacy

Nigeria’s ethnic diversity has often been a bane rather than an opportunity to promote plural strength and development for the country. This was never more evident than during the devastating Biafra war.


Preparing for Ebola

In South Sudan, concerns about the Ebola virus are growing. Despite preventative measures there are still considerable deficits such as knowledge gaps among health personnel.


Using WhatsApp to access health care in Zimbabwe

On Cloomi, Zimbabweans at home and in the diaspora can check the availability of products offered by pharmacies and medical laboratories in their chosen location.

Ethnic identity

Ethnicity is a fundamental part of African societies

In Africa, the question of who a person is includes which ethnic group they belong to. These affiliations have led to bloody conflicts on the continent and still shape politics and daily life in many places today.

Global crises, local impacts

When a relatively strong African country is struggling on all fronts

If you want to know what impacts multiple global crises have on the daily life of a developing country, consider the example of Kenya

Working world

When qualifications don’t decide your career

In Uganda, as in many other parts of the world, a person’s identity and social relationships are influenced by ethnicity, faith and language. These factors can also have a significant impact on career prospects.

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