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Aditi Roy Ghatak

Aditi Roy Ghatak

is a free-lance journalist based in Kolkata and Delhi.

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Social disparities

India’s tiny plutocratic elite is growing fast

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered pro-rich growth

Green power

Behind schedule

At current trends, India will not achieve important climate goals


Scientific mind-set versus covidiots

Religious obscurantism is making it harder to prevent Covid-19

Air pollution

Blue-sky policy

Our Indian contributor is impressed by Beijing’s efforts to curb air pollution

Right-wing populism

Modi won – but did India?

In recent elections, India’s incumbent prime minister thrived on divisiveness


Indispensable lessons

Why teenage girls need sex education even more than teenage boys do

Rabindranath Tagore

Poet, polymath, preceptor

Rabindranath’s lasting impact on Bengali society


Kantha’s eternal beauty

Why traditional Bengali embroidery is now making a difference in many village women’s lives


Digital farming

How digitisation can benefit commercial farms in India

Information technology

Digital forces and ethical challenges

India must prepare for dramatic digital change

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