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Sabine Balk

Sabine Balk

is a former member of the editorial team of D+C/E+Z. She is currently working for us as a freelancer.

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World Bank study

Migration as a powerful force for development

World Bank development report presents policymakers with solutions for managing global migration

National cuisine

Every guest is welcome at the dinner table in Podor

Senegal’s national dish is thiéboudienne: rice with fried or dried fish and mixed vegetables such as cabbage, aubergine, okra, squash or sweet potato

Local health experts

Engagement for healthy babies and mothers

A health advisor from Senegal explains what advice she gives to young mothers on how to properly feed and care for their babies


The fate of a girl from Zimbabwe

The author and activist Tsitsi Dangarembga writes about a young woman’s fight for the right to female self-determination in Zimbabwe

2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development Goals "almost unachievable"

At the midway point to achieving the SDGs, the number of starving and extremely poor people is rising once again, civil-society organisations lament

Women’s rights

Men must play their part in women’s empowerment

Mariame Racine Sow is a women’s rights activist from Senegal who appreciates that development and feminism are linked

Ground-breaking lawsuit

Andes farmer takes on conglomerate

In Peru, a farmer is calling on a German company to take responsibility for glacier melt in a ground-breaking lawsuit

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Saving paradise

Madagascar’s rich nature is at risk and KfW tries to train fishermen to preserve the ecosystem they depend on

IT industry

Fighting Coronavirus with a computer game

Ghanaian computer game developer Eyram Tawia on Covid-19 impacts on his business

Our view

Pandemic lessons

Climate mitigation has positive health impacts internationally

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