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Sheila Mysorekar

Sheila Mysorekar

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in spring of 2022 as a journalist and project manager at Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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Promoting pluralistic discourse

How DW Akademie is supporting the freedom of expression at the local level

DW Akademie

Self-regulating Mongolian media industry

Since 2015, Media Council of Mongolia has handled 500 ethics complaints

Sinti and Roma

Sinti and Roma demand equality and participation

Racism and antiziganism are deeply rooted in European societies

Social psychology

Collective trauma

Every crisis leaves deep scars in the memory of the affected society

Emergency response

Communicating in humanitarian crises

In humanitarian emergencies, communication is crucial

Social media

Digital mobilisation, analogue protests

Social-media use in eastern Africa is highly politicised and has changed the way politics is run

Gender-based violence

Killed for being female

Femicides are frequent in Mexico, but civil-society organisations fight against this

Summer Special

“I belong here!”

Identity is a controversially debated topic, as can be seen in a recently published book in Germany


Homosexuality is not a disease

The World Health Organization considers homosexuality as normal behaviour

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