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Culture Special

Art with a developmental connection - compiled for you by the D+C editorial team.

Development in culture

Every summer, the D+C/E+Z editorial team presents books, music, films and other pieces of art that we appreciate and would like to recommend. The oeuvres are tackling issues of developmental relevance, and we would be pleased if our recommendations inspired you to read, watch or listen to them. 


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    New contributions to our culture section

    Every summer there is new content here - but it's also worth taking a look at older reviews, as we usually cover timeless works.

    Overview culture special

    Each summer, the D+C/E+Z editorial team curates a selection of books, music, films, and other forms of art that resonate with us and hold relevance for development-related topics. We hope our suggestions serve as an inspiration for you to engage with these works through reading, viewing, or listening.


    Novels, non-fiction, autobiographies and more reading material related to development.

    The fate of a girl from Zimbabwe

    Like the protagonist of her novel “Nervous Conditions”, Tsitsi Dangarembga broke new ground in Zimbabwe – as an author, freedom activist and feminist. Persecuted by those in power at home, the 64-year-old is honoured and appreciated in Germany. This is the eighth item in this year's culture special with reviews of artists' works with developmental relevance.


    Documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters, indie films, series and much more to watch with a development connection.

    “Chernobyl”: The cost of lies

    The miniseries “Chernobyl” revolves around the worst nuclear accident in the world. Over five episodes, the American television network HBO shows how the core meltdown came about. This is the seventh item in this year's culture special with reviews of artists' works with developmental relevance.


    Artists and groups from Africa, Asia and Latin America whose history and music are linked to development politics.

    Music of the Nile

    The Nile Project was a multinational music collective inspired by a river. It sang songs in a variety of styles and languages about life along and with the Nile. Like many projects in the region, it failed because of politics. This is the first item in the 2023 culture special with reviews of artists' works with developmental relevance.

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