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Social disparities

India’s tiny plutocratic elite is growing fast

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered pro-rich growth

Language politics in Cameroon

From colonial division to bloody conflict

Up to now, life in Cameroon is determined by whether one is Francophone or Anglophone. The so-called “Anglophone crisis” surrounding the independence aspirations of the part of the country that was once a British colony is claiming more and more victims.

Multilateral organisations

What geopolitics have to do with golf clubs

International organisations rarely follow set rules with regard to the inclusion or exclusion of members. For that reason, Christina Davis calls them “discriminatory clubs” in her book of the same name.


Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.