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From colonial division to bloody conflict

Up to now, life in Cameroon is determined by whether one is Francophone or Anglophone. The so-called “Anglophone crisis” surrounding the independence aspirations of the part of the country that was once a British colony is claiming more and more victims.


The Biafra legacy

Nigeria’s ethnic diversity has often been a bane rather than an opportunity to promote plural strength and development for the country. This was never more evident than during the devastating Biafra war.

Post-colonial misery

Whose development?

In the eighth decade of international aid efforts, former colonial powers are still privileged

Nation building

A challenge for a young country

Thirteen years after gaining independence, South Sudan is still struggling with the inclusion of its various ethnic communities. Tribalism remains a challenge that undermines a functioning nation state.

Humanitarian emergencies

The forgotten war

Sudan faces one of the world’s most devastating conflicts. However, it is being utterly neglected in the crisis-ridden global political situation.

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Why South India snubs Modi

In the current election campaign India’s prime minister is emphasising identity politics that so far have not resonated much in regions with Dravidian languages.

Climate lawsuits

Legal battles for climate justice

Litigation is gaining importance as a tool for climate action. Activists and communities around the world have successfully sued states on environmental issues.

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Intra-African migration

Unwelcome neighbours

South Africa has seen several waves of migration from Zimbabwe. After apartheid, Zimbabweans were welcome. But with South Africa’s own economic problems, they have been met with growing hostility over the past years.

Artificial Intelligence

Handling AI, but with care

AI holds the potential to act as a facilitator in achieving the SDGs in Africa. At the same time, there is a risk that it will exacerbate inequalities and tensions, not least through data exploitation

Refugee-camp life

Refugee girls need school opportunities

In Kakuma, Kenya, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is promoting education for South-Sudanese girls, breaking traditional barriers. Efforts have increased school attendance.

Women’s rights in Algeria

Women stand up against femicide

After several brutal cases of femicide, many women in Algeria no longer want to put up with discrimination and violence

Women’s migration

Better jobs for migrant women

Migrating can be an empowering experience for women but also involves considerable hardship. Policy action is needed to improve their opportunities

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Elections in Pakistan at a crucial moment

The national elections in Pakistan, previously postponed multiple times, are now scheduled for February 2024. The prolonged delays have heightened political tensions in a country already grappling with uncertainty

Local health experts

Engagement for healthy babies and mothers

A health advisor from Senegal explains what advice she gives to young mothers on how to properly feed and care for their babies


Responding to local needs through decentralisation

Implemented in 2013, Kenya’s devolution redistributed power to 47 counties, fostering local development. While achieving a better resource distribution and increased citizen participation, challenges like corruption and tribalism persist

Gaza war

Israel/Palestine: “Focus on what is happening in the present”

Jewish philosopher Susan Neiman on the context of the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, Netanyahu’s government and criticising Israel

West Africa

Western governments’ double standards hurt their reputation in West Africa

Ghanaian scholar assesses the outlook for democratic governance and economic integration in the ECOWAS context

Evidence-based policy

Global One-Health debate is not properly balanced

Top-down approaches dominate One-Health agenda in high-income countries, while bottom-up approaches prevail elsewhere

Francophone Africa

France has a serious image problem in Africa

The former colonial power is facing deep resentment. President Macron’s attempt to reset relations has failed


Pakistan’s profound poly crisis

Credible elections would help to sort out the mess, but can leaders in Islamabad make them happen?


In India, deadly disease is linked to deforestation

Where natural environments are healthy, the zoonoses Nipah and KFD are less likely to spread among humans

Multilateral policymaking

Involving local people in order to reach biodiversity goals

At the COP15 in Kunming-Montréal in 2022, Jochen Flasbarth helped broker consensus

Water in urban areas

Kampala’s water problems

In Kampala, Uganda’s capital, residents lack access to clean water. The dilapidated sewer system and flooding also pose hazards. Previous efforts to improve the situation have been inadequate

Sub-Saharan Africa

“Building knowledge at the local level is essential”

Sub-Saharan Africa has numerous biodiversity hotspots, but they are at risk. In this D+C interview, Beth Kaplin, a biodiversity expert, discusses what threatens biodiversity

Horn of Africa

The multiple layers of drought

Communities in the Horn of Africa are affected by complex and interrelated crises

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Post-truth politics

Depression and anxiety in the Philippines

In a personal piece, a journalist describes how the current political situation in the Philippines makes life a nightmare

Living with nature

Bolivia’s extraordinary biodiversity is under threat

Bolivia has many protected areas, but human activities are impacting the country’s biodiversity

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The city of millions that is being flooded every day

Chittagong in Bangladesh is one of the ten fastest-sinking coastal cities in the world.

Digital technology

“What really matters is unsupervised access”

How to use digital technology in ways that promote gender justice

Global biodiversity

The basis of our existence

Biodiversity is the cornerstone of ecosystems. The progressive loss of it threatens people’s livelihoods and food security.

German development policy

What really helps women worldwide – sanitary pads, visas and loans

Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development explains how feminist development policy contributes to making societies more equitable, resilient and stable


Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.