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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022. He is a senior reporter who works for Premium Times in Lagos.

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Traditional medicine

Why many Africans must rely on informal health care

Traditional medicine is often inadequate, though it does work in many cases and is comparatively cheap

Road safety

High death risk on African roads

Why success regarding SDG target for road safety hinges on Africa


African Covid-19 containment strategies have failed

Africa has low crorononavirus mortality rates, but frightfully low vaccination rates too

Borno state

Nigeria’s government wants to close IDP camps

In view of ongoing violence, displaced people in Borno state do not want to be sent home

Internal displacement

Internal displacement is a huge issue in Nigeria’s northeast

Multidimensional Lake Chad crisis has multiple impacts on Nigeria

Personal prospects

Many Nigerians seek greener pastures abroad

The big issue in Africa’s most populous country is worsening poverty

Covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination: Don’t leave Africa behind

Africa’s coronavirus statistics look comparatively good, but inoculation is needed urgently nonetheless

Police misconduct

Sudden eruption of anger

Why Nigeria’s government found itself forced to disband a notorious police in October

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