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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter of 2022/2023 as a journalist living in Beirut.  

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Refugee children

There are very few educational opportunities for refugees in Lebanon

Over ten years after the start of the war, the educational situation of Syrian children and youth in Lebanon remains disastrous


Stop double standards in EU refugee policy

The Arab world is upset that refugees are treated differently in the EU according to skin colour and religion


Women are slowly asserting themselves in MENA region

In Arab countries, examples prove that patriarchal family traditions can indeed be changed

Arab region

Black people are discriminated against in the MENA region

People with dark skin are discriminated against in Arab countries


Quick reforms are not in sight in Beirut

In Lebanon, the sense of optimism that was in the air a year ago is gone


Old patterns, new content

In the Arab region, Corona fake news is reiterating long-established conspiracy theories


Fundamental change is indispensable

After failing disastrously, Lebanon’s political system needs fundamental change

Makeshift housing

Informal refugee settlements

Syrians living in Lebanon’s informal refugee settlements lack proper infrastructure

Refugee camps

Infrastructure reflects status

Infrastructure is also a question of integration as can be seen by the refugee camps in Lebanon


A real school at last

In a refugee camp for Syrians in Lebanon, volunteers have established a school

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