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At D+C/E+Z, we are proud of our international network of authors. It is particularly important to us to be a platform for voices from the global south. Some authors contribute on a regular basis, others don't. Here you can find information about the people behind the contributions.

Isaac Sagala


is a journalist and radio trainer. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya.  

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Why Kenya is on fire

Kenya has been experiencing a wave of protests led by young people. No one can really say they didn’t see this coming. What is unfolding in Kenya is a lesson in what happens when the debt crisis escalates not just metaphorically, but literally.


Kenyans have taken to the streets

In recent months, demonstrators have protested against the sharp rise in the cost of living and tax increases. Thirty people have already died


Eviction notice

Refugees look for new homes after camp closures planned for mid-2022

Menstrual health

Sanitary products still too expensive

Kenya has scrapped the tax on menstrual products, but they are still too expensive for rural women


Still no car-free days

Kenya’s plans for car-free days in the capital have failed for the time being


Ban on plastic bags

Kenya has completely banned plastic bags

Social media

Hate speech unchecked

Kenyans worry about hate speech in the media


Runners’ breeding ground

Athletes from all over the world attend Kenyan High Altitude Training Centre


Kenyans run to world fame

Rift Valley breeds Olympic champions

Social media

Keeping a check on politicians

Kenyans use social media to check governance

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