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Iwan J. Azis

Iwan Azis

is an economics professor at Cornell University in New York State and the University of Indonesia.  

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Development cooperation

Aid is problematic, but indispensable

Official development assistance has risen to record levels, but aid flows still often fail to deliver the intended results


The sustainability agenda humankind needs

As new experiences are made, development thinking keeps changing – slowly, but continuously

Global governance

What is wrong with WTO and IMF?

Indonesian economist assesses recent track record of two multilateral institutions of vital importance for international development

Global governance

G20 leaders are “not in a state of denial”

Indonesian economist assesses results of Bali summit in November 2022

Relevant reading

In promotion of small businesses, prioritise social capital

Indonesian economist says social infrastructure is more important than hard infrastructure

Global governance

“Light at the end of the tunnel”

Donald Trump is disrupting international trade but has not caused lasting damage so far

Crisis lending

Two lessons from structural adjustment

Indonesian economist looks back at IMF conditions in Asian crisis

Global trade

“I do not know whether the WTO will survive”

Indonesian economist explains why unpredictable policymaking hurts global trade

Global economy

Deepening uncertainty

New and old international financial institutions are likely to be tested in 2016

Orthodox economics

Beyond structural reforms

The standard IFI stance on structural reforms is neither totally wrong nor entirely correct

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