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Maryam S. Khan

Twitter: @MaryamShKhan

is research fellow at the Institute of Development & Economic Alternatives (IDEAS), a non-governmental think tank based in Lahore, Pakistan.  

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To define Pakistan as a nation, Islam is insufficient

Pakistan is a fragmented nation with a shaky political system, and the focus on Sunni Islam did not forge the desired unity.

Gender rights

Pakistan’s politically assertive women

Against the backdrop of the global #MeToo movement, a new wave of feminist politics swelled up in Pakistan


Ex-dictator sentenced to death

Why former dictator Musharraf’s recent conviction of high treason in Pakistan is indeed a historic judgment

Faith-based discrimination

Myth of the Muslim monolith

How a radical minority came to define Pakistan’s Muslim identity

Separation of powers

Ambiguous ambitions

Pakistan's Supreme Court must protect fundamental rights without overstepping its jurisdiction

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