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Ali Shaaban Juma

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2017/2018 as a journalist living in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  

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Turtle conservation promotes eco-tourism

Civil-society projects in Zanzibar protect sea turtles, thereby attracting eco-tourists

Gender-based violence

Women at risk of abuse

Gender-based violence is harming women in Zanzibar

Female Genital Mutilation

Lifelong harm

Female Genital Mutilation is a curse on young Tanzanian girls

Food production

Branded spices

Zanzibar promotes locally grown, organic cloves for the world market


Local fish production does not meet Tanzania’s demand

Fisheries offer investment and business opportunities in East Africa

Food production

Small chicken

In Zanzibar, imported chicken is crowding out local products


Cholera spreading in Zanzibar

Health officials are trying to stop a cholera outbreak on the island of Zanzibar

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