International affairs

Why BRICS+ may prove weaker than expected

By admitting six new members to their informal group, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) may be thwarting its capacity for collective action.

Identity politics

Why the acronym BIPoC does not have to explain anything

The acronym “BIPoC” is a self-designation that symbolises solidarity between people who have experienced racial discrimination. The term is not suitable for categorising social contexts or specific people.

Global governance

Phasing out fossil fuels with climate finance

Fossil-fuel subsidies undermine climate protection and burden tight national budgets. Climate finance, if applied well, helps to reform subsidy systems in a socially just way.

Social Media

Join us to discuss global development

Share your opinion on global development on our social media channels

Climate Foreign Policy

The climate crisis is exacerbating hardship in conflict areas

The climate crisis is severely impacting vulnerable groups. In areas dominated by violent conflicts, the situation is particularly grave.

Our View

Battles over selves

Identity politics can promote justice, but also further divide our world. It is important to take an inclusive approach that recognises the complexity of identities and involves everyone in creating sustainable change.


Why we believe in our Digital Monthly

What purposes our Digital Monthly serves, and how it differs from the print issue

Political discourse

Why the term “antisemitism” must be used with great caution

A new German primer elaborates how antisemitism has changed in history and how it keeps changing

Post-colonial misery

Whose development?

In the eighth decade of international aid efforts, former colonial powers are still privileged

Sustainable Development Goals

Inequality is getting worse according to UNDP

This year’s Human Development Report emphasises the relevance of global public goods and the need for international cooperation.

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