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Water pollution

Humanity needs more and better wastewater treatment

The European Investment Bank assesses the risks of microplastics and micropollutants

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Breathing space for politically persecuted persons

Hamburg offers breathing space for politically persecuted persons


Colonial legacies still mark development affairs

After decades of debate, the impacts of the colonial era are still evident in development cooperation

Water supply

Equipping water utilities to meet SDG6

Billions of people have no access to drinking water and sanitary facilities.

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Why we believe in our Digital Monthly

What purposes our Digital Monthly serves, and how it differs from the print issue

Basic needs

At current trends, water SDG will not be achieved

UN states that water management must improve internationally

Government revenues

Why UN probably cannot deliver more on taxes than OECD

Multilateral action should contribute to boosting government revenues

Development studies

Why development depends on a national elite’s shared vision

Oxford scholar rehabilitates the much-maligned term “aid”

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Global governance

Working together for the human right to water

More cooperation is needed – from the local to the international level – to ensure that the UN targets for water are not missed

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Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.