Sub-Saharan Africa
Natural disasters

Consequences of the cyclone

Malawi is particularly hard hit by the climate crisis. One year after tropical storm Freddy, the devastation is still catastrophic, and the lingering effects of the storm are robbing girls and women in particular of their future.


Jobless due to epilepsy

Zimbabwe’s epileptic people are facing various forms of discrimination, often they do not get a job or cannot find a partner.

Climate crisis

Drought means national disaster in Zambia

Agriculture and electric power generation are falling short


Italy’s castor-oil plans for Africa

The Italian government’s Mattei Plan aims to position the country as an “energy hub” between Europe and Africa. Among other things, castor-oil plantations are being touted as a climate-friendly energy alternative.

Carbon credits

Africa is chasing billions

Africa’s drive for carbon credits continues to gather pace. But despite the prospect of generating significant revenue and green jobs, there is concern about the effectiveness and ethical implications of the current carbon markets

Business start-up

Local mobile app challenging international competitor

In South Africa, Delivery ka Speed is cheap and easy to access, and it offers its services in townships Uber Eats is avoiding.

Undocumented immigrants

Immigrants trapped in illegality

In Johannesburg, clerics and worshippers say their conscience is torn between illegal money and seeing their churches impoverished, because they fund their churches with illegal mining.

Humanitarian emergencies

The forgotten war

Sudan faces one of the world’s most devastating conflicts. However, it is being utterly neglected in the crisis-ridden global political situation.

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Village savings and loan schemes

Credits save life and promote resilience

Credit and savings from the village savings and loan schemes are used by Malawians for several purposes. For many, it provides money for common groceries in times when agriculture harvests decline.


Solar energy for Ghana’s health facilities

Solar photovoltaic systems are a climate-friendly way to provide energy to health centres in rural Ghana. A German-Ghanaian research project has analysed key technical and socio-economic aspects.

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