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Sub-Saharan Africa

Nc’wala festival boosts tourism in Zambia

The town of Chipata benefits from local and international tourists coming to witness one of the country’s popular traditional celebrations.

Local businesses

“Brutal enforcement and high penalties”

Local traders and businesspeople in Uganda decry strict tax collection amidst worsening economic conditions.


How South Africa negotiated its new government

South Africa’s elections on 29 May took the country into new political terrain. The African National Congress (ANC) lost its absolute majority. However, thanks to democratic forces’ willingness to cooperate, the damage was limited.

Diaspora tourism

Travelling to understand your own history

Ghana’s homecoming tourism industry offers diasporans to travel to their ancestors’ country to reconnect to their roots.


Healing a post-genocide society

Rwanda has invested much in healing the society from the trauma of genocide, it introduced traditional Gacaca courts and socio-therapy.

Cultural industries

Investing in Uganda’s culture

The country’s lively arts scene lacks funding and institutional structures. Young talent is often self-taught.

Cholera outbreak

Women-led businesses suffer most

Business people fear that the recent cholera outbreak in Zambia, coming only around two years after the Covid-19 pandemic, will financially stress local businesses, especially those run by women.


Giving back stories

African oral tradition dates back to ancient times. Some of its stories were committed to paper, mainly by missionaries. But if they were published, they were published in Europe – hardly ever in their countries of origin.


A dangerous superstition

In many countries, people with albinism are stigmatised because of their light skin and hair, as well as their visual impairments. This discrimination is particularly prevalent in some African countries. Education is vital to protect those affected.

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Migrant’s anger

Who else profits from remittances

Zimbabwean migrants are frustrated that the billions of dollars they are wiring home are heavily taxed and benefiting the country’s tiny but very rich ruling elite.

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