Latin America and the Caribbean

A father-son relationship in crisis

Nassir Djafari’s debut novel illuminates a father-son relationship

Living with nature

Bolivia’s extraordinary biodiversity is under threat

Bolivia has many protected areas, but human activities are impacting the country’s biodiversity

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Hope for Brazil’s forests

The Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva, has promised to end deforestation in the Amazon


Peru’s crisis of democracy continues

Ever since Dina Boluarte took over from Pedro Castillo, the country’s divide has deepened. Political and corruption scandals abound

Rule of law

The large number of femicides marks Mexico’s reputation

So far, reforms do not adequately protect women from violence

Social change

Mexico is slowly inching towards gender justice

In spite of widespread machismo, there is some progress on women’s rights


How Mexican landfills become ganglands

Organised crime controls informal waste management in Mexico

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Migration in Latin America

Venezuelans continue to leave their country on dangerous treks

People of all ages still leave Venezuela using ever more perilous routes. North America remains an increasingly desirable destination

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Indigenous people

The Yanomami are dying, and their blood is on Bolsonaro's hands

Brazil’s biggest ethnic group, the Yanomami, are being wiped out by hunger and disease. The Bolsonaro government is to blame.


Telemedicine centres bring health care closer to excluded communities

Thanks to telemedicine, remote communities in the Amazon get medical advice in their region

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Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.