High-income countries
Climate and biodiversity

To protect life on earth, we must cooperate

The world conferences of Sharm el-Sheikh and Montréal have shown once again that global crises require multilateral solutions

Overview fiscal space

Governments’ budget constraints are too tight

To rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, governments need more fiscal space

Global governance

How to improve the G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatment

For all countries to become able to rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, debt-restructuring is needed

Food security

New global alliance

G7 are teaming up with international partners on the “Global Alliance for Food Security”

World Risk Report 2021

Social protection for disaster preparedness

Aid organisations call for high-income countries to support developing countries in social protection

German Policymaking

Towards an equitable world

Svenja Schulze, Germany’s new federal minister for economic cooperation and development, has told D+C/E+Z what her priorities are

Our view

The truth must be remembered

Those who suppress the historical truth, ultimately want to suppress people


Anti-racists’ two-front struggle

Lessons from the history of racist ideas in the USA


Scaling up the USA’s climate ambitions

US President Joe Biden is eager to reassert his country’s leadership, including in the response to global warming


The merits of studying abroad

Foreign graduates of German universities help to build bridges between cultures

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