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Jewish voices

Israel deserves solidarity, Netanyahu not so much

After the cruel Hamas terrorism, prominent Jewish voices express criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Gaza war

Israel/Palestine: “Focus on what is happening in the present”

Jewish philosopher Susan Neiman on the context of the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, Netanyahu’s government and criticising Israel


Another terrible war

International media are assessing the situation as Israel responds aggressively to Hamas’ terror attacks


The Taliban’s second emirate

During their second period of rule, the Taliban appear more moderate in a few select areas, partly due to international expectations and a more self-confident Afghan society


Adapting to fast-changing German society in the 1960s

Nassir Djafari’s novel “Mahtab” tells the story of a migrant woman from Iran who makes Frankfurt her home town

2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development Goals "almost unachievable"

At the midway point to achieving the SDGs, the number of starving and extremely poor people is rising once again, civil-society organisations lament

Intercultural music

Music of the Nile

The multinational music collective “The Nile Project” sang in many styles and languages about life along the Nile

Authoritarian dress code

Iran’s regime is trying to enforce hijab rules again

: In Tehran and other cities, many women are not covering their hair anymore in acts of public defiance

International relations

African responsibility for climate justice

African elites like to blame the rich nations for the climate crisis, but should reconsider their own attitudes too

German policy

Germany values respect, reciprocity and alliances

The BMZ response to James Shikwati’s criticism of its Africa strategy

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.