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Barriers on the road to peace in Israel/Palestine

In recent decades, religious fundamentalism on both sides has contributed to violent clashes

Women’s rights in Algeria

Women stand up against femicide

After several brutal cases of femicide, many women in Algeria no longer want to put up with discrimination and violence

Gaza war

One percent of Gaza’s population has died in the current war

The more collective trauma grows, the harder it will be to achieve reconciliation between Israel and Palestine


German law professor assesses possibility of war crimes in Palestine and Israel

That Hamas is breaking the law does not allow Israel to do the same, says expert on international humanitarian law


Why Hamas is not a liberation movement

The Islamist militia is authoritarian and feared by many Palestinians


Reach climate goals with Power-to-X

Morocco is focusing on renewable energies. Germany has been its partner from the outset. Construction of a reference facility for green hydrogen (Power-to-X) is the first project resulting from the hydrogen alliance between the two countries

Jewish voices

Israel deserves solidarity, Netanyahu not so much

After the cruel Hamas terrorism, prominent Jewish voices express criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Gaza war

Israel/Palestine: “Focus on what is happening in the present”

Jewish philosopher Susan Neiman on the context of the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, Netanyahu’s government and criticising Israel


Another terrible war

International media are assessing the situation as Israel responds aggressively to Hamas’ terror attacks


The Taliban’s second emirate

During their second period of rule, the Taliban appear more moderate in a few select areas, partly due to international expectations and a more self-confident Afghan society

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