MENA Middle East North Africa

Why prominent Israeli scholar wants Germany to confront Netanyahu

According to Moshe Zimmermann, extremists on both sides have been obstructing the peace process in the Near East for a long time

International law

A new book examines the charge of apartheid against Israel

Law professor Kai Ambos advises Israel to take accusations of apartheid seriously.

Israel and Palestine

„This is rich coming from an Israeli leader“

Prominent Jews disagree with Israel’s government when it blames on antisemitism that the ICC is considering an arrest warrant against Netanyahu or that Spain, Ireland and Norway will recognise the state of Palestine.

Historical responsibility

Misguided fight against antisemitism

For good reason, it is considered antisemitism to assess Israel in a more critical light than other states. However, philosemitism – a prejudiced endorsement of anything Jewish – is not helpful in fighting antisemitism.


Two peoples’ experience of displacement

The greatest problem in the Israel-Palestine conflict is that both sides have reason to believe the other one wants to destroy them.

Development paradigms

How the SDGs are different

For many years, the paradigm was that underdeveloped countries should catch up.

Rules-based world order

In Gaza, children are dying of hunger

Israel has the legal obligation to stop the unprecedented humanitarian crisis on territory occupied by its troops.

Global development

More political literacy would benefit African governance

African policymakers excel at second-guessing donor wishes, and their nation’s true needs are often only an after-thought.


How Israel and Palestine could find peace

A six-point road map for reconciliation in the Middle East


Barriers on the road to peace in Israel/Palestine

In recent decades, religious fundamentalism on both sides has contributed to violent clashes

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