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Dirk Niebel

Dirk Niebel last contributed to D+C/E+Z in spring 2013 as Germany's federal minister for economic cooperation and development.

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Better prepared

In view of climate change, more resilience will reduce hunger in developing countries

Multilateral policymaking

Quantum leap

Dirk Niebel says the next development goals must go beyond the MDG agenda and include sustainability

Opportunities of migration

Triple win

Triple win: Germany's development minister on the opportunities of migration


Necessary condition

German minister wants international community to pay more attention to generating employment

German policy

Urgent action

Dirk Niebel: Germany is leading on climate finance

Higher education

Development starts in the mind

Dirk Niebel: The developmental relevance of higher education

50 years of Germany's Development Ministry

Open minds – better opportunities

German minister on future development policy

Aid effectiveness

More than a passing fad

Ahead of the next High Level Forum on Aid effectiveness, Germany’s development minister emphasises the principle of managing for results

Public Finance

Simple, low and fair

Germany’s development minister: Taxes should be simple, low and fair


Upheaval in North Africa

Germany’s Development Minister Dirk Niebel on how he is supporting the Arab Spring

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