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Kai Ambos

is professor of criminal law and head of the Department of Foreign and International Criminal Law at Göttingen University. He also serves as a judge at the Göttingen Regional Court.  

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International law

The west must respect international law more consistently

In the Ukraine war, the US and its allies are paying the price for having badly damaged their own credibility in the past

Criminal justice

Limited reach

The ICC reduces perpetrators’ hope for impunity, but for people to come to terms with atrocious crimes, more must happen

Researching conflict

Understanding ­Colombia’s war

Commission seeks to explain the causes of the conflict in Colombia

Victims of dictatorship

Delayed truth, no justice

Brazil's democracy must learn from the atrocities of the military dictatorship

Middle east

Sovereign action

German law professor assesses what Palestinian Territories’ accession to ICC means and what Israel’s reaction implies

Global Governance

Misguided criticism

Criticism of International Criminal Court being too focussed on Africa is misleading


Room for improvement

Promising change of guard at the International Criminal Court

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