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Karim Okanla

is a media scholar and freelance writer from Benin.  

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West Africa

Benin’s President Talon tightens his grip on power

ECOWAS and western diplomats pay more attention to democratic appearances than substance in Benin

Military coup

What pro-Russian protests mean in West Africa

Burkina Faso’s second military coup in eight months shows that the Sahelian security crisis is getting worse

Multiple crisis

ECOWAS adopts climate strategy

West Africa’s regional organisation responds to worsening climate impacts


Dangerous superstition

In Benin, faith-based entrepreneurs are misusing poor people’s situation

Blind in Benin

In Benin, the blind struggle to fend for themselves

Benin’s visually impaired people deserve support from government, NGOs and religious charities


It is hard to see how ECOWAS can escape stalemate

Because Mali’s military regime has postponed elections, ECOWAS has imposed sanctions.


Looting the state coffers

Benin faces continued official corruption despite the efforts of a special court

Child labour

Facing an uncertain future

Benin’s children face systematic exploitation as low-paid labourers


Growing dependence on Benin’s informal sector

In Cotonou and Porto Novo, economic slump has hit middle class hard

Public health

Overburdened even in good times

For good reason, Benin’s health minister has admonished the nation to stay cautious in view of Covid-19

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