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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer 2019 as writer, digital safety trainer and director of the civil-society organisation “Not Your Body”. She lives in Kampala, Uganda.  

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Gender-based violence

Women take on the patriarchy

Women in Uganda protest against sexual harassment, using the #MeToo hashtag

Cyber harassment

Stalking women is not love

A court sentence in Uganda shows that cyber harassment and stalking of women is not to be confused with love


Blaming the women

In cases of rape, Ugandan politicians blame the victims – and the way they dress


Discussing how to put women down best

Some Ugandan officials excuse men who practice domestic violence


Men against violence against women

A Ugandan media celebrity calls on his fellow men to take a stance against gender-based violence


Scapegoating the victims

In Uganda, pregnant teenagers are expelled from school

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