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At D+C/E+Z, we are proud of our international network of authors. It is particularly important to us to be a platform for voices from the global south. Some authors contribute on a regular basis, others don't. Here you can find information about the people behind the contributions.

Samwar S. Fallah


last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer 2019 as a Liberian journalist.

All articles of Samwar S. Fallah

Mental health

“Inadequate information causes harm”

Liberia needs more psychiatric wards to cater for all people suffering mental illness

Primary schools

Public is waiting for government report

Authorities shy away from discussing results of Liberian private-public partnership in primary education


Appointed by the president

Why elected local governments would be good for Liberia

Social protection

Elderly left alone

In Liberia, many old people have not enough to live on, especially disabled civil-war veterans.


Election won, legitimacy dented

Johnson-Sirleaf’s less than splendid election triumph in Liberia

Public finance

Re-starting from scratch

Re-starting Liberia’s tax system from scratch


Post-war challenges

The challenges of re-starting the Liberian police force

Idle youth

Peace under threat

Youth unemployment spells trouble in Liberia

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