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Sandra Abild

is an occasional contributor to D+C/E+Z.

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Urban poverty

IIED expert says food insecurity is increasingly becoming urban phenomenon

Debt relief

Historical model

Debt report by German NGOs reconsiders West German past and assesses current risks in developing world


Low-cost climate protection

Asian Development Bank suggests introducing carbon taxes in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and says climate protection need not thwart growth.

Land grabbing

Damaging investments

Oxfam warns of increasing land grabbing and wants the World Bank to halt investments


Dangerous neglect

Presidential elections jeopardise security in Kenya

Fundamental rights

Problems after the Arab spring

In the eyes of Human Rights Watch, 2012 was a tough year – especially in North Africa and the Middle East

Global warming

Disaster statistics

Munich Re's disaster statistics show that climate change is making storms, floods and draughts ever more likely.

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