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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2020 as adviser on business and human rights with Misereor, a non-governmental development agency.  

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Trade agreements as door-openers

Trade agreements secure lucrative markets for Big Food

Food industry

Profit prioritised

Food manufacturers undermine healthy eating and promote malnutrition

World trade

The fig-leaf approach to human rights

EU trade policies do not take human rights in to account appropriately

Global responsibility

Low ambitions

Draft version of Germany’s action plan on business and human rights disappoints NGOs

European Union

The EU is not taking policy coherence seriously

The EU is not doing nearly enough to ensure policy coherence for development

Food security

Risks compounded

Food security is hampered by financial speculation and liberalisation of commodity markets


Hunger as an alibi

EU’s common agricultural policy compounds rural poverty in developing countries

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