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Don’t leave sex education to internet pornography

That masses of young people around the world only get information about sexuality online is dangerous.

Ecological change

Ghana introduces emissions tax

Law makers argue that the policy will reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate the negative effects of pollution on public health and the environment. Some economists disagree.

Cholera outbreak

Women-led businesses suffer most

Business people fear that the recent cholera outbreak in Zambia, coming only around two years after the Covid-19 pandemic, will financially stress local businesses, especially those run by women.


A dangerous superstition

In many countries, people with albinism are stigmatised because of their light skin and hair, as well as their visual impairments. This discrimination is particularly prevalent in some African countries. Education is vital to protect those affected.

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Prudent taxation requires national action plus global cooperation

Without adequate financial resources, no government can properly promote sustainable development.

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Preparing for Ebola

In South Sudan, concerns about the Ebola virus are growing. Despite preventative measures there are still considerable deficits such as knowledge gaps among health personnel.


Using WhatsApp to access health care in Zimbabwe

On Cloomi, Zimbabweans at home and in the diaspora can check the availability of products offered by pharmacies and medical laboratories in their chosen location.

Global crises, local impacts

When a relatively strong African country is struggling on all fronts

If you want to know what impacts multiple global crises have on the daily life of a developing country, consider the example of Kenya

Natural disasters

Consequences of cyclone Freddy

Malawi is particularly hard hit by the climate crisis. One year after tropical storm Freddy, the devastation is still catastrophic, and the lingering effects of the storm are robbing girls and women in particular of their future.

Global agenda

Global public goods matter for global development

The international community must address urgent worldwide challenges with full determination

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