How Beijing managed to calm protests fast

In view of nation-wide rallies, China reversed its zero-covid policy

Overview living with disabilities

Inclusion instead of discrimination

Around the world, persons with disabilities are discriminated against, though they could be empowered to fully participate in society

Overview global food security

How to end world hunger

Overview: This is what needs to happen to ensure global food security and achieve SDG2


Small loans for rural women

Micro loans help rural women to start small businesses and to get more financially independent


Fear and anguish added to pandemic pain in India

An Indian Covid-19 survivor shares his experience

Fighting poverty

Social protection improves food security

Why social safety nets are key to fighting hunger and poverty in the global south


Solidarity helps to escape pandemic

How the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to more social protection in Togo

Social inclusion

Refugees offer opportunities

There are more refugees in Uganda than in any other African country


Economic recovery in Ghana

Businesses in Ghana slowly recover from Corona slump, but rising inflation creates new problems

Constitutional referendum

Why Chile needs another constitutional assembly

For the time being, the left wing-vision for Chile has not come true

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