Large-scale projects

Chinese funded steel mill displaces locals in Zimbabwe

The promises and expectations of the government have been met with doubt by locals who are already facing adverse effects due to the ongoing project.

Nature preservation

Unknown individuals cut down an ancient tree

Many Ghanaians expressed their anguish and sadness on social and traditional media when an ancient tree fell, stressing its relevance to their lives and the need to conserve a rich cultural legacy.

Climate Foreign Policy

The climate crisis is exacerbating hardship in conflict areas

The climate crisis is severely impacting vulnerable groups. In areas dominated by violent conflicts, the situation is particularly grave.

Global crises, local impacts

When a relatively strong African country is struggling on all fronts

If you want to know what impacts multiple global crises have on the daily life of a developing country, consider the example of Kenya


Rethinking agricultural productivity

The conventional method of measuring agricultural productivity overlooks long-term effects such as soil degradation. An alternative approach is needed to incentivise and reward sustainable farming practices.

Global agenda

Global public goods matter for global development

The international community must address urgent worldwide challenges with full determination

Multilateral agenda

Walk the talk regarding SDGs

The international community has sensible goals, but needs a coherent policy framework to achieve them.

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Climate lawsuits

Legal battles for climate justice

Litigation is gaining importance as a tool for climate action. Activists and communities around the world have successfully sued states on environmental issues.

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Harnessing the potential of Ghana’s green gold

Neem seeds, a natural pesticide and fertiliser, are boosting livelihoods and reducing dependence on agrochemicals in Ghana

Corporate social responsibility

Why the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) matters very much

Sustainable development would be hampered internationally should European legislation regarding supply-chain management fail, and Germany’s reputation would suffer too.

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