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Over half a million children are suffering from malnutrition

In the last harvest season, a flood destroyed most of the crops in the Machinga district in the southern region of Malawi

World Bank study

Migration as a powerful force for development

World Bank development report presents policymakers with solutions for managing global migration

Development financing

Wrong priorities in Germany’s federal budget

The German government is planning to cut funding for development cooperation and humanitarian aid – an alarming signal

Gaza war

Israel/Palestine: “Focus on what is happening in the present”

Jewish philosopher Susan Neiman on the context of the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, Netanyahu’s government and criticising Israel

Our View

Close funding gaps

The World Bank’s reform agenda is an urgent matter. To rise to global challenges, however, more money is needed too

Sovereign-debt crisis

“Without debt relief, Sri Lanka’s economy will keep deteriorating”

IMF policies did not solve Sri Lanka’s problems but made them worse, claims a sociologist who assesses the country’s ongoing debt crisis

Abuse of power

Fighting corruption on an international level

Corruption undermines democracies and supports autocracies. Although progress has been made in the fight against corruption, much more needs to be done

Multistakeholder cooperation

From GFAR to GFAiR

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation changes its acronym to underline inclusion and fairness


Investing in rural communities

Smallholder farmers are central to achieving food security. The UN organisation IFAD supports them with funds, access to markets and training


Relations with stakeholders drive GIZ success

While GIZ evaluation report shows good results in 2022, the agency’s leaders see room for improvement

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