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Climate Foreign Policy

The climate crisis is exacerbating hardship in conflict areas

The climate crisis is severely impacting vulnerable groups. In areas dominated by violent conflicts, the situation is particularly grave.

Global Governance

The drivers of change are at the local level

To support recipient countries sustainably, donor governments and institutions must respect regional cultures, argues Pirmin Spiegel, the director-general of Misereor, the Catholic development agency.

Global development

Facilitating constructive cooperation in a multipolar world

If the international community splinters into multiple orders, we will lose the race against climate change, social polarisation and biodiversity loss.

Development policy

Germany’s development policy serves all people

German international-development efforts benefit not only partner countries, but people living in Germany as well


Solar energy for Ghana’s health facilities

Solar photovoltaic systems are a climate-friendly way to provide energy to health centres in rural Ghana. A German-Ghanaian research project has analysed key technical and socio-economic aspects.

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International cooperation

Global climate finance: an update after COP28

Several countries announced contributions to different climate funds at the climate summit in Dubai last year. However, their commitments are not nearly enough to cover the costs of adaptation, loss and damage.

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Democracy protection

Protecting democracy, averting autocratisation

The global wave of autocratisation requires a change in the promotion of democracy

Development policy

Religion needs to be a part of the solution

Secularisation is a growing trend in parts of Europe and North America. But it would be a mistake to think this means religion is becoming less relevant for German development cooperation


Green energy corridors deliver electricity

In India, KfW Development Bank is financing the construction of transmission lines and substations to bring green energy from remote regions to consumers


Solar modules gleam in the bright African sun

The first solar power station in Côte d’Ivoire delivers electricity to 35,000 households

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