High-income countries
World Bank

Biden’s interesting choice for the World Bank’s top job

Ajay Banda, who thrived on Wall Street, will most likely be appointed World Bank president


Social disparities thwart climate justice

Environmental burdens must be shared fairly – within world regions and between them

German policy

BMZ makes bold statement of intent

The new Africa strategy of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Collective trauma

The man behind the Auschwitz trials

Fritz Bauer, a German judge of Jewish origin, is remembered in Germany for helping the country learn about what happened in the Nazi era

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Young generation

How Generation Z is changing the world of work in development

Attitudes have changed towards global relations and work-life balance – at Berlin’s Centre for Rural Development (SLE) as well

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Climate and biodiversity

To protect life on earth, we must cooperate

The world conferences of Sharm el-Sheikh and Montréal have shown once again that global crises require multilateral solutions

Overview fiscal space

Governments’ budget constraints are too tight

To rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, governments need more fiscal space

Global governance

How to improve the G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatment

For all countries to become able to rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, debt-restructuring is needed

Food security

New global alliance

G7 are teaming up with international partners on the “Global Alliance for Food Security”

World Risk Report 2021

Social protection for disaster preparedness

Aid organisations call for high-income countries to support developing countries in social protection

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.