Central Asia, Caucasia, Southeast Europe and Russia
Fossil energy

Moscow and Riyadh share a longing for Trump

OPEC+ cuts oil production for economic reasons – and with geopolitical implications

Alcohol abuse

Unwilling and incapable of working

Alcohol abuse of men is a major challenge in central Kenya

International relations

A brief history of the BRICS

Why Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as a group are no real counterweight to the US-led G7


The internet is crucial

Hugh Williamson of Human Rights Watch assesses the state of press freedom in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Development cooperation

In spite of the Taliban, Afghanistan deserves help

To support Afghanistan’s people, international community should restart development cooperation

Humanitarian crisis

UN calls for massive funding for Afghanistan

In order to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, a record amount of $ 4.4 billion for 2022 needs to be raised


How I fled from Afghanistan to Germany

Journalist Hamed Sarfarazi escaped the Taliban and reports what he experienced


Broken promises and western failure in Afghanistan

In regard to Afghanistan, Bush and Obama made three major mistakes

Multidimensional crises

Why we must not turn our backs on Afghanistan now

Afghanistan‘s multi-dimensional crisis has only just begun

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