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Dagmar Wolf

Dagmar Wolf

is D+C/E+C's office manager.

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Experiencing feminism in Uganda

In “The First Woman”, Ugandan author Jennifer Makumbi portrays the many facets of feminism in Uganda

Flight and displacement

Displacement is part of almost everyone’s history

Flight and displacement are a scourge of humanity that conceals untold numbers of individual fates

Post growth

“A good life doesn’t have to cost the Earth”

British economist contemplates an economy in which the goal is not unlimited growth, but rather an equilibrium between people and nature

Culture Special

They did not belong anywhere

Leïla Slimani’s novel “In the country of others” casts a light on colonial mentality and the diverse facets of not belonging

Demographic change

Older people’s rights are human rights

Countries in the global South are also contending with a demographic change, which is presenting significant challenges for their societies


No part of Syria is safe for returnees

Amnesty International reports that Syrians returning to their country are subjected to arbitrary detention, torture and enforced disappearance

Child labour

Childhood in a quarry

Many countries fail to enforce their laws banning child labour in quarries

Bodily autonomy

Women’s rights are human rights

World Population Report demands right to bodily autonomy and equality

Summer Special

Fleeing civil war

Young author describes a couple’s traumatic flight from Aleppo


Well-meant is not necessarily well done

How Liberia plunged into chaos and why international policies fail due to lack of cultural awareness

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