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About us


D+C Development and Cooperation is a website that is up-dated daily. We discuss international-development affairs and explore how they relate to other fields of policy-making, such as security, peace, trade, business and environmental protection. On Mondays, our Nowadays column offers insights into the daily life of different countries around the world.

The website shares the name D+C/E+Z with a print magazine, which is published every two months, and a monthly e-paper. All avatars are funded by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and published on behalf of ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL. Our mission is not to serve as a governmental mouthpiece, but to provide a credible forum for debate, involving government agencies, civil society, the private sector and academia at an international level. D+C is the identical twin of E+Z Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit, the leading German language publication on development issues.

The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL or the editors of D+C and E+Z.

Provided that they indicate the original source, third parties have the permission to republish in complete or abridged versions the manuscripts published by D+C Development and Cooperation and E+Z Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit. However, those who do so are requested to send the editorial office two hard copies and/or the links to the respective webpages. This general permission does not apply to illustrations, maps and other items with explicitly and separately marked copyright disclaimers.

The editors request that no unsolicited manuscripts be sent, but suggestions and abstracts are welcome.


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