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Print edition

Contents July/August issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

New goals

New goals

Contents page of July/August's D+C print edition with links to all contributions


Hans Dembowski:
Better Global Governance


Emerging markets’ global responsibility | New players mean more competition in international media market | Development relevance of higher education | Raising awareness in Germany | Nowadays: India’s cruel summer heat | Flood-risk management | News

Focus: New goals

Sabine Balk:
High-Level Panel makes proposals for post-2015 agenda

Mareike Forchheim:
In spite of progress, not all MDGs will be achieved

Paul Quintos:
Civil-society campaigners insist on “People’s goals”

Samir Abi:
Migrants’ relevance must be appreciated

Linda Kleemann, Kacana Sipangule and Pablo Selaya:
PEGNet-Conference 2013: Green-growth strategies and poverty

Lewis Mwape:
Zambia’s MDG track record

Renate Bähr:
Sexual and reproductive health belongs on the next world agenda

Mareike Forchheim:
The EU could promote action on global public goods    

Interview with Dirk Messner:
Reports point in right direction – with room for improvement

Sabine Balk:  
SDSN proposes new set of goals


Sabine Dinges and Sylvia Schweitzer:
GIZ’s pragmatic approach to rigorous evaluation

Frank Kürschner-Pelkmann:
Water conflicts haunt Africa’s border rivers and lakes

Claudia Haarmann, Dirk Haarmann and Herbert Jauch:
Correcting facts relating to basic-income grant in Namibia



Interview with Susan Walker about malnutrition | Letters | Comment on Turkish protests