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Eleonore von Bothmer

Eleonore von Bothmer last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2012 as a freelance journalist.

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Organised crime

Paradigm change

To protect people from harm, the Global Commission argues that drugs should be regulated not prohibited

Chronic suffering

Poor diabetics

The fates of two diabetics in Malawi

United Nations

Urgent wake-up call

New report on global sustainability by UN High-Level Panel


“Tip of the iceberg”

Diabetes is spreading fast in Malawi and other developing countries

Mass media

“More depth”

Why citizen journalists make an important difference

German-Asian Cooperation

Common language

Diplomats assess German-Asian cooperation


Invest now!

World Development Report calls for climate-related investments

Sexualised war crimes

Trauma Therapy takes time

Support for the victims of sexualised violcence in war


Global lack of medical doctors

Lack of health professionals is a global challenge


The real obstacle to development

The real obstacle to development

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