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At D+C/E+Z, we are proud of our international network of authors. It is particularly important to us to be a platform for voices from the global south. Some authors contribute on a regular basis, others don't. Here you can find information about the people behind the contributions.

Mohamed Gueye


last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2017 as the editor-in-chief of Le Quotidien, a daily paper based in Dakar.

All articles of Mohamed Gueye

Military engagement

“If the French troops leave, Mali will collapse"

The French military intervenes in many former colonies

Monetary union

Lessons not learned

Greece’s crisis reminds African observers of failed structural-adjustment programmes


West African opportunity

It's time to unpeg CFA Franc from Euro, argues Senegales journalist


Tense times

Presidential elections: tense times in Senegal

West Africa

The long road to emancipation

Why Africans do not worry about slow EPA progress too much

World Social Forum

Near flop

The World Social Forum was about to flop


Problem, what problem?

Africans are worried about other things than China’s exchange-rate policy

World economy

Need for African action

African leaders must rise to global crisis

Global warming

Waiting for culprits to act

Climate change: Senegal is waiting for the culprits to act

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