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Rolf Drescher

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in the spring of 2023. He is a freelance consultant living and working in Berlin and Lilongwe.

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Disillusionment after elections in Malawi

Disappointment grows across the country as the economy flounders, and corruption weakens trust in politicians


Democratic achievements, but insufficient growth

After a quite peaceful, democratic change of government, Malawi is on a good path


Political and economic profile of Malawi

Weak institutions are the main cause of Malawi’s persisting poverty, and the next elections are unlikely to change much

Development of democracy

Malawi heads for elections

For Malawi, no signs of economic upswing in sight


Supporting SMEs in Africa

Small and medium-sized enterprises need innovative financing options – and crowdfunding is one


Development of African ­crowdfunding platforms

The development of national African crowdfunding platforms needs to be gradual

Financial sector

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunded projects are financed by large numbers of backers

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