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Virginia Mercado

Virginia Mercado

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2023 as a researcher at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and an instructor in peace and development studies.    

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Rule of law

Mexico needs opportunities, not violence

Mexico had high expectations of the present government’s promise to curb crime and improve security. With crime rates high and prosecution rates low, confidence in the state and its institutions is now waning further

Rule of law

The large number of femicides marks Mexico’s reputation

So far, reforms do not adequately protect women from violence

Social change

Mexico is slowly inching towards gender justice

In spite of widespread machismo, there is some progress on women’s rights

Gender justice

Mexico claims to pursue a “feminist” foreign policy

In Mexico, government rhetoric on women’s rights is better than what women experience in daily life

Latin America

Why desperate Latin American risk dangerous journey north

South American migrants are fleeing to the US via Mexico in growing numbers


Mexico’s racial divide

Mexico’s ideology of mestizaje, or racial mixing, obscures ingrained racism

Gender-based violence

Killed for being female

Femicides are frequent in Mexico, but civil-society organisations fight against this

Gender relations

Unequal opportunities

Though the law forbids discrimination in Mexico, the road to gender equity remains long


Missing people

Up to 35,000 people have “disappeared” in Mexico’s war on drugs

Change of government

Restart needed

Mexico’s new president has promised a new policy on security and drugs-related crime

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