OECD initiatives

Some observers are unhappy with OECD’s role regarding international tax policies

Governments from low-income countries would appreciate having a say in making rules for the rules-based world order.


Prudent taxation requires national action plus global cooperation

Without adequate financial resources, no government can properly promote sustainable development.

Sustainable cities

Experiment to reclaim the street for the people

In the Mexican city of Guadalajara streets are closed for non-motorised transportation to convert public roads into places for leisure and recreation for all people.

Nature conservation

Protest against a road construction in Kenya

The Kenyan government’s plans to extend a road that runs through one of the country’s last remaining forest and game reserves are meeting with resistance.

Global governance

Phasing out fossil fuels with climate finance

Fossil-fuel subsidies undermine climate protection and burden tight national budgets. Climate finance, if applied well, helps to reform subsidy systems in a socially just way.

Large-scale projects

Chinese funded steel mill displaces locals in Zimbabwe

The promises and expectations of the government have been met with doubt by locals who are already facing adverse effects due to the ongoing project.

Nature preservation

Unknown individuals cut down an ancient tree

Many Ghanaians expressed their anguish and sadness on social and traditional media when an ancient tree fell, stressing its relevance to their lives and the need to conserve a rich cultural legacy.

Climate Foreign Policy

The climate crisis is exacerbating hardship in conflict areas

The climate crisis is severely impacting vulnerable groups. In areas dominated by violent conflicts, the situation is particularly grave.


Using WhatsApp to access health care in Zimbabwe

On Cloomi, Zimbabweans at home and in the diaspora can check the availability of products offered by pharmacies and medical laboratories in their chosen location.

Global crises, local impacts

When a relatively strong African country is struggling on all fronts

If you want to know what impacts multiple global crises have on the daily life of a developing country, consider the example of Kenya

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