Legal knowledge

Useful e-learning courses on the UNEP website

LEAP stands for Law and Environmental Assistance Platform and is a trustworthy source of information

Environmental law

Humankind needs more stringent environmental regulations

Online courses on the UNEP website help to get a deeper understanding of international law

Letter to the editor

Agrarian traditions exploited

A reader’s response to the editorial comment in the November issue of our Digital Monthly

Democracy under attack

8 January 2023 in Brasília looked like 6 January 2021 in Washington

In protest against legitimate election results, right-wing extremists vandalised government buildings

Overview global food security

How to end world hunger

Overview: This is what needs to happen to ensure global food security and achieve SDG2

Overview extreme weather

International response to climate crisis must speed up

Extreme weather is causing increasing damages, and it is possible to reduce


Why central banks must pay attention to ecological risks

Climate change and nature loss can undermine both macroeconomic and financial stability


A future for the Pantanal

Traditional communities protect biodiversity of world’s largest inland wetland in Brazil


Industrial agriculture has failed

The solution to the present food price and hunger crisis is to transition food production to agroecological concepts suited to the location

Financial sector

Experts debate on how to achieve green economy

Johan Rockström, the eminent environment expert, considers biodiversity crisis more dangerous than climate crisis

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