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Javier A. Cisterna Figueroa

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in sprin of 2022 as a Chilean journalist based in Concepción.

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Latin America

Chile’s next president faces huge challenges

Chile’s voters want fundamental change – but stability is needed too

Easter Island

Song of home

A renowned concert pianist left it all behind to open a school on Easter Island

Foreign doctors

Looking for a job

Chile’s health system attracts waves of foreign doctors but many can’t find jobs

Chile’s constitutional referendum

Revolt of the masses

Aiming for a more egalitarian society, Chileans will revise their constitution


Concepción in lockdown

Constitutional referendum amidst coronavirus restrictions raises questions

Domestic workers

On the home front

Domestic workers in Chile fight for better working conditions and more respect

Distance learning

Failing grades

Chile’s teachers give low grades for the early results of online classes for schoolchildren

Chile’s new constitution

Citizens speak up

Chileans are preparing to vote in a constitutional referendum that will determine their future


Saying "sorry" is not enough

The Chilean president asked the indigenous people for forgiveness for the crimes of colonialism

Higher learning

“Education must not be for sale”

Chile’s poor youth suffer in the privatised education system

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