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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2019/2020 as community leader and activist in Zambia. He started the Sun-spring Charity School in 2011.

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Fear, anxiety and panic

Though Zambia is ill-prepared to contain Covid-19, the government has responded fast

Social entrepreneur

Enlightening the young generation

In spite of financial constraints, Frank Masanta is running the school for disadvantaged children in Lusaka, Zambia

Girls and boys

Closing gender gaps in an NGO school

In Zambia, the Sun-spring Charity School enrols an equal number of girls and boys. It also uses gender-neutral language


“Once you learn to read”

Zambia shows that schools are a good place to start fighting gender inequality


Education as key to overcome inequality

Social activist assesses the situation in Zambia concerning education and unequality

African reality

Vision 2030

Zambia’s government has committed to the SDGs, but they will most likely prove quite difficult to achieve


Future at risk

Youth unemployment remains a key challenge in Zambia

Charity School

Education for all children

How a social entrepreneur is trying to improve the situation of disadvantaged school children in Lusaka


Ng’ombe’s desperate health situation

The township Ng’ombe´s clinic lacks space, staff and up-to-date equipment

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