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Nassir Djafari

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter of 2019/2020 as an economist and freelance author. He used to work for KfW development bank.

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Protest movements

Arab Spring reloaded

In the Middle East and North Africa, young people are taking to the streets to fight for better living conditions

European migration policy

Risks and side-effects

The EU should not cooperate with shady governments on migration policy – it should support civil-society projects instead

Skills training

Low standard, wrong content

Why the MENA region lacks domestically trained ICT experts

Youth unemployment

Focused agenda needed

The MENA region needs economic growth and targeted interventions to get to grips with youth unemployment

EU policy

Tackling trade and migration

In North Africa, EU trade policy is not reducing migration so far, but actually adding to the problem

Saudi Arabia

Breaking up ossified structures

The labour market in Saudi Arabia is inflexible, unjust and limiting the country’s economic renewal

Saudi Arabia

How much reform can the kingdom take?

King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced a comprehensive reform programme, whether it will go smoothly is doubtful


Maghreb at risk

Closer economic cooperation could bring more stability to North Africa


Slipping apart

Turkey and the EU are drifting ever further apart

Relevant reading

Oil and development

Oil wealth does not necessarily prevent democratic development, researchers find

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