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Print Editions

Contents November issue

by Hegemann Nina

In depth

Contents page of November's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Judging the judges


Challenges of African urbanisationExperts at Global Soil Week demand paradigm shift towards ecological intensification  | Nowadays: Teaching history in Libya  | How UNFPA wants teenage pregnancies to be prevented   | UN study on how donors best promote democratisation | In brief

Focus: Delivering justice

Maryam S. Khan:
Pakistan's Supreme has become too assertive                          

Interview with A.K. Ghosh:
High Court judges prevented the destruction of the East Kolkata Wetlands     

Lothar Jahn:
Reforms relating the judiciary and the rule of law deserve support             

Jacqueline Neumann:
It is not enough for donor agencies to promote the rule of law, people must be able to sue them                                             

Kai Ambos:
Criticism of International Criminal Court's focus on Africa is misleading           

Henrietta J.A.N. Mensa-Bonsu:
The daunting challenges of transitional justice                         


Leelananda de Silva:
In view of changing international relations, the UN Development System needs reform

Katja Dombrowski:
Plans for Mekong dams are environmentally destructive             

Fidelis Adele:
After civil war, many elderly people in Sierra Leone must fend for themselves    

Dagmar Milerova Praskova:
Economic Partnership Agreement could compound food-security problems in Kenya


Interview Iwan J. Azis of the Asian Development Bank on the impacts of rich nations' low interest rates  in other world regions  |  Letters   |  Comment on how the EU should boost democratic forces in Tunisia