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Print edition

Contents January issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

Health, a hunam right

Health, a hunam right

Contents page of January's D+C print edition with links to all contributions


Hans Dembowski:
Traditions and modernity


Global Soil Week: competition for fertile land is intensifying | African universities must prepare for professional work | World Bank subsidiary IFC emphasises women’s role in business | Churches contribute to homophobia in Africa | Nowadays: roof-top garden in Kolkata | International military expenditure | Women’s rights in Afghanistan

Focus: Health

Interview with Rose Futrih N. Njini:
In Cameroon, too many nurses and doctors lack a perspective

Anne Jung:
Sierra Leone’s health services do not deliver on official promises

Ute Papkalla:
Truck drivers health will benefit from employers’ innovative quality management in southern Africa

Interview with Flora Kessy:
Tanzanian anti-malaria project is aware of how poor people live

Barbara Kühlen and Susanne Schmitz:
Buen vivir and primary health care: why voluntary health workers matter in Latin America

Interview with Irma Condori:
“Agents of Change” in Bolivia

Bastian Schnabel:
WHO promotes process management for ensuring safe drinking water

Ipsita Sapra:
Consequences of disability in rural India

Michael Bünte:
Developing countries must prepare for ageing populations with specific health needs


Rita Schäfer:
Outdated male stereotypes are hampering gender equality in South Africa

Sandip Chattopadhyay:
India’s market for off-grid solar devices is growing


Interview with Marco Seliger: Afghanistan’s future oulook after 2014  | Op-Ed views on the UN climate summit in Qatar | Letters